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Texas 5, Washington 4, Florida 4, U.s. 4, Veronica De La 3, Aig 3, New York 3, New England 3, Us 3, North Korea 3, Jimmy Carter 2, Yanks 2, Rangers 2, Danielle 2, Yankees 2, Tracy Potts 2, Bautista 2, Toronto 2, Fred Roggin 2, Boston 2,
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    August 24, 2010
    4:00 - 4:30am EDT  

good morning on "early today" -- super tuesday, voters in five states head to the polls to decide key primary races. it's official, golf's superstar tiger woods' divorce is final ending nine months of turmoil. a dash cam captures an ohio turmoil. a dash cam captures an ohio teen's car going airborne. captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello. good morning to you. i'm veronica de la cruz. we begin with primary day. voters will head to the polls to cast their votes in hotly contested elections. old names on the ballot are shelling out big bucks trying to take the races and move on to the midterms.
tracy potts joins us for the latest from washington, d.c. good morning, tracy. lots of money being spent in the campaigns. a few hours from now when the polls open, we'll get a look at whether republicans here in washington will be able to hold on amid a massive challenge from the nation's tea party. arizona's john mccain is in a tough senate fight against former congressman j.d. hayworth. >> we're going to pull a huge upset. >> mccain admits today's votes may be mostly anti-washington. >> people say, look, you're a great guy, john mccain, i'm proud to vote for you and i think we ought to throw everybody out. oh, thanks. >> reporter: tea party and sarah palin favorite says lisa murkowski isn't conservative enough. florida votes for governor, republicans choose between attorney general bill mccallum and health care millionaire,
rick scott. but the strangest race is florida's senate primary. >> democrats want a candidate that can win in november. i am that candidate. >> it's clear that he has no chance whatsoever of winning this general election. >> reporter: incumbent kendrick meek is the party favorite, but democrats may be quietly looking for a challenger for jeff green. why? because the best ally in washington could actually be former governor charlie crist who left the republican party to run as an independent. and we won't know until the polls close tonight which party is ahead politically. but we do know who's ahead in the fundraising. last month alone, the dnc -- the democratic national committee raised twice as much as the republican national committee. overall, the democrats are $20 million ahead headed to november. veronica? >> very interesting. tracy potts live for us in washington. thank you so much. it's for the obama
administration, a judge has blocked funding for human embryonic stem cell research. the judge said the research involved the destruction of embryos which congress outlawed. last month, president oh bah a ma signed an executive order reversing a ban put in place by the bush administration in 2001. the national institutes of health issued new guidelines permitting research on certain stem cell lines that had already been created. a spokesman for the justice department said the agency is now reviewing yesterday's decision. philippine police admitted shortcomings today in the handling of the hostage situation that left eight hong kong tourists dead. a former policeman who hijacked a bus full of tourists was cooperating but the commandos decided to storm the vehicle, firing dozens of bullets into the bus. for over an hour afterwards, the hijacker used the captives as human shields until a gunman
shot the tourist in the head. eight of the tourists on the bus had been killed. >> other news today in america. chilling video of a car going airborne and smashing into a pillar of an overpass. the incident was recorded by a police dashboard camera. it speeds past the cruiser, hits it culvert, takes to the air exploding and disintegrated on impact. the driver of the car is alive but in critical condition. a visitor was found lurking in a chicago river, a three-to-five foot long alligator. that's the second time in a few weeks locals spotted one in the river. experts say it was abandoned by the owner. they set traps in hopes of capturing the gator. unveiled cocaine with a street value of $80 million. the coast card intercepted the stash en route from miami to
mexico. it proves the traffic is being moved away from the border. the department of homeland security is investigating. and in texas -- it was dog-apoolooza for a group of dogs that beat the heat with a big swim and splash. owners registered for vaccination updates. here's bill cairns with the weather channel forecast. the dogs get the bait and switch. pool fun -- but no, not really, we're going to vaccinate you. >> which's the person to change the filter on that pool? that's gross. hurricane danielle. this storm fired up quickly yesterday. you can see, this is where bermuda is. the east coast of the u.s. on the edge of your screen here. this is puerto rico. this is a huge hurricane.
this is a large storm. it's not that powerful yet, but it's a large storm. the bright yellows and reds here, those are the cold cloud tops of the thunderstorms. so this storm is headed to the west-northwest in the general direction of the east coast and the islands and the gulf of mexico. but in the big cold front going to the middle of our country now is what's going to help curb this storm away from the east coast by the time we get to the weekend. it's going to take a track towards bermuda. in the last second, hopefully take a bend away from bermuda. it should be a category two or three hurricane at that point. it's a serious storm. but it looks like a storm that's going to remain in the open water. we're not going to hit any land, we call those fish storms beyond that, there's the cold front that will curve danielle out to sea. that's in the middle of the country. we want that to head to the east coast to help us out. high pressure controlling the weather but wet weather in the middle of the country in kansas especially. a cool raw day in new england.
a look at the tuesday forecast. now a look at the weather outside of your window. in florida, primaries today, showers, thunderstorms. tampa, miami, the areas around orlando also. it's very cool from new york to baltimore up to boston. temperatures today more like fall. we'll come back again and check the tuesday-wednesday forecast later in the show, veronica. sounds good, see you soon. computer giants do a little battle. aig pays a little back. and smelling like texas? hmm? the early morning headlines are straight ahead. meet the new miss universe and wait until you hear her prize package. tiger and elin make it official. and going, going, gone. you're watching "early today."
well, good morning. welcome back to "early today," i'm veronica de la cruz. here are some of your top
headlines this morning. jimmy carter is heading to north korea to try to gain the freedom of an american imprisoned for illegally entering the communist nation. north korea has agreed to release the boston man who was sentenced to eight years in prison after the january arrest. the u.s. officials say carter is not representing the u.s. government. sea world has been fined $75,000 for safety violations after last year's death of an p animal trainer attacked by a killer whale. despite a history of dangerous incidents, sea world, quote, failed to make meaningful improvements. sea world plans to appeal the findings. in north carolina, a former marine is convict in the murder of a pregnant colleague who accused him of rape. cesar lawrence was sentenced to prison. he was not the father of her child and her rape allegation
was never corroborated. the next time you are in a traffic jam, think of these drivers in china. they were stuck in traffic for nine days. the congestion involved 10,000 vehicles. chinese state media says today things are back to normal. wow. and here's an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 10,174 after losing 39 points yesterday. the s&p fell four points. and the nasdaq dropped 20. taking a look at overseas trading this morning. in tokyo, the nikkei went down 121 points and the hang seng plunged 230. so how do you know when things are looking bleak on wall street? when not even a fresh round of corporate deal making can keep a rally going. a high-tech tug-of-war between hewlett packard and dell sparked some buying but it fizzled out fast. they bid for 3par in an effort
to get their profit base beyond computers. it sent 3par shares up 45%. investors shrugged off news that hsbc has begun talks to pick up a majority stake in nedbank's south africa's fourth largest bank. potash corp. rejected bhp's $39.5 billion hostile takeover bid citing talks with third party suitors. 3m managed to close higher after they doubled the estimate on how the companies will settle acquisitions to some $2 billion. recall from johnson & johnson, the ninth so far this year could take a toll on the bottom line. acuvue single use contact lenses are being recalled across asia and europe. aig is paying back $3.9 million of the proceeds of the tax sales to pay off a debt via
the federal reserve bank of new york. aig only owns uncle sam approximately $21 billion. later this morning, the investors can be in for disappointing data on existing home sales. july sales are expected to decline 14%. a new scent called "texas" comes in a lone star bottle with red, white, and blue frosty crystals and carries the floral, vanilla, and leather scent. you can own one of 400 limited edition bottles for $360. there are almost no-hitter, the yanks go head hunting, and golf like you have never seen it before. plus, a shattering experience at the little league world series. the first headlines are straight ahead. the big change in our summer weather pattern continues today. record highs on the west coast. it feels like fall in new england. the original forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today."
well, good morning toyou. if you're just waking up, this is "early today." in sports, things got a little testy between the blue jays and yankees in toronto where the home run leader let his bat do the talking. here's fred roggin with a look at all your sports headlines. good morning, the new york
yankees may have the best team in baseball. but, this season's home run king plays for the toronto blue jays. jose bautista blasted 39 against the yanks. 2-1 bomb puts the jays up. nova throws it at his head, they clear the benches, cooler heads prevail. bautista smashed another homer in the eighth. the solo shot gives him an even 40. jays won it 3-2. the rangers no-hit the twins for 6 2/3 before turning it over to the bullpen. they did their job until the ninth. joe mauer broke a single. it goes down as a one-hit shutout. the rangers will take it. they won 4-0. the little league world series. the pitch. look out. talk about money ball. that's a $20 camera lens. the umpire was stunned. then again, it's probably the only game he called that needed a tv camera. one more time, hope that kid has
a good paper route to pay for it. everybody saw this coming. yesterday was made official. tiger woods and eli finalize their divorce. elin will receive a nine-figure sum far less than the $750 million that was once reported. four players on the tour were put to the test. try to hit it gone, some 200 yards from the shore. try as they might, they were unsuccessful in the first seven attempts. but then david howe found success. skips on the water. going, going, gone. never has there been so much excitement for hitting it in to the water. that's an "early" look at your sports today. i'm fred roggin. could today be the day lindsey lohan regains her freedom? and the president is on a well-deserved vacation. no media allowed. that didn't stop one connecticut family from getting video and
memories to last a lifetime. you're watching "early today."
welcome back on this tuesday morning forecast. just like yesterday, bos tin to new york, all through new england, cool, fall-like. highs today in the 60s. you'll need the jacket. warmer in texas but not quite as hot as yesterday. 107 in a few areas.
a cold front will try to move through and cool you off a little bit. thunderstorms and rain in florida. by the time we get to wednesday, more of the same. not a lot of big changes, but cooler here especially in texas. if you're watching us on wthr 13 in indianapolis, indiana. old and new. edgy, not so edgy. indyfringe theater festival at the mass avenue cultural district. that's the event of the day. >> when is the l.a. time you went to the theater, bill karins. >> too long. >> too long? >> a long time ago. the last thing you saw? >> a play. i don't remember. >> you can't remember. a look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. watch out, los angeles. by this time tomorrow, lindsey lohan may be a free woman. the judge will issue an order today, an order that could shorten her 90-day stay in rehab. the announcement after her lawyer made a surprise
appearance for a meeting yesterday inside the judge's chambers. lohan will reportedly earn $1 million from "ok" magazine for her first post-jail interview. super model baby is on the way. she tells spanish "vogue" she's four months pregnant. $10 million and a sixth place finish. that's all it took for the producers of "piranha 3-d" to decide they're making a sequel. and finally, 22-year-old mexican jimena navarette was crowned miss universe. she gets a salary, a luxury new york apartment, living expenses, a one-year scholarship to the acting academy, jewelry, clothes, and, of course, shoes. a woman has to have her shoes, bill. >> plenty of shoes, i'm sure. miss usa didn't do so well. >> she didn't make it to the top
ten. >> next year. >> exactly. thanks. this comes from wvit in connecticut. one family captured a rare vacation run-in they won't forget any time soon. their camping trip in martha's vineyard became extraordinary when they met and spoke with the president and first family at a local bookstore. the president took the time to sign the book for the boy and he started reading it. and for her back-to-school essay "i met the president and his family". that is so cool. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. this is your first stop of the day, today on your nbc station.
beautiful morning this morning. 4:28 is our time. just 68 degrees and it feels delightful out there. welcome to "news 4 today" i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm kimberly suiters. it is tuesday, august 24th, 2010. breaking news out of iraq. the number of troops remaining in the country has fallen below the 50,000 mark, it's the lowest level since the u.s. invaded iraq in 2003. the remaining troops are no longer conducting combat operations but instead are training iraqi forces and insisting in counterterrorism, the president mandated the troop levels to drop to 50,000 by december 1st when the military
will transition to operation new dawn. former president jimmy carter is planning to travel to north korea to bring back an american citizen detained in the country. carter is expected to leave today on a purely humanitarian mission to free aijalon gomes. he was arrested and sentenced in april to eight years of hard labor for entering the communist nation illegally and for an unspecified hostile act. the senior officials said north korea agreed to free gomes if carter brought him home. frightened this morning after a sexual assault in the area right across the street from a similar crime just two months ago. now people who live in that area are wondering if the same man is responsible for both crimes.